Rainey Protective Wear

Fluid Resistant- Safeguard from Virus, Bacteria and Air Pollutants

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Protects against COVID-19 

respiratory droplets from  coughing, sneezing        and environmental bacteria 

Medical Grade 

1 PLY- 5 layer polypropylene fabric

Fluid Resistant

Against droplets and other airborne contaminants

High Breathability

Cool, Lightweight fabric

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 Rainey Protective Mask 

Better Protection

Better Breathability

Better Fit

The CDC recommends doubling your mask. Wear the Rainey M98 alone or under your fashionable mask.  

Available in 2 Colors 

Reusable up to 7 days of continuous use. Hand-wash with Woolite, then air dry if soiled


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Fluid Resistant

Against respiratory droplets

98.6% BFE

Bacterial Filtration Efficiency 

Particle Size Filtration 

3.0 microns PSF protection against Corona Virus respiratory droplets 



High Breathability

Cool, Lightweight fabric


Snug fit, stays in place

1- Ply 5 Layer Polypropylene Fabric

Medical Grade 


Innovative Fabric

Learn more about how are fabric combats Covid-19 and other harmful particles

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We are a manufacturer and distributor of medical compression garments and protective wear. We have been servicing Medical Centers, Cosmetic Surgeons and Hospitals for over 20 years